NFP company

Consulting and outsourcing services in the field of financial accounting and planning, project management and business process engineering for commercial and government organizations.

Experience in methodology development and automation in various sectors
Projects in Russia and abroad
80% of senior staff have experience in Big4 companies
Production staff - more than 60 people

Why NFP?

 Experts in the systems 1C, SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Hyperion Planning, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AnyLogic, QlikView, UiPath, Automation Anywhere

 Experience with automation on the 1C 8 platform, including products 1C: ERP and 1C: Holding Management

 Knowledge of the methodology for building processes using tools and automation

 Teachers at Training Center No. 1 of the 1C Company on the 1C: Management product from the holding company

 Certified project management specialists

 NFP is a partner of 1C, AnyLogic, UiPath, and Automation Anywhere

NFP was listed among the top 100 consulting firms in Russia for 2017 according to the RAEX Agency

Consulting services

Our professionals have deep understanding of financial and management accounting methodology, internal control requirements, finance planning for different industry directions, including automotive sector.

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We have experienced in development and implementation of methodologies in diverse industries


  1. Management of normative and reference information

  2. Budgeting (planning)

  3. Treasury Department

  4. Procurement

  5. Production and repair

  6. Sales and marketing

  7. Warehouse and transport logistics

  8. Financial (RAS / IFRS) and tax accounting

  9. Management accounting, collection of fact for budgets, updating

  10. Document management

  11. Improving operational efficiency


  1. Setting and improving business processes

  2. Improvement of management and control tools

  3. Development of accounting and planning methodology

  4. Implementation of works on the introduction of information systems

  5. Quality control of implementation results

  6. Management of large-scale automation projects (PMO)

  7. Change management

RPA — Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) entails the use of specialized software to perform operations in existing IT systems (ERP, CRM, support systems) and replacing users.

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Significantly reduces costs, reducing risks, increasing the level of service, data quality. No need to modify existing IT systems. The configuration can be performed by a business user. Change in business processes is insignificant. Operated in 24x7.


  1. Financial Accounting

  2. Management Accounting

  3. Personnel Management

  4. Tax reporting

  5. IT management

  6. Integration of business systems


  1. Process automation

  2. Reducing resource costs

  3. Eliminating specialized tools

  4. Implementation of SSC

  5. Data migration

  6. Exchange of business information between systems of different classes

Simulation modeling in the AnyLogic environment

AnyLogic is a software platform for similating businesses of any scale of sophistication. It combines modeling methods and visualization tools so that you can create simple, support models without using additional tools. The NFP company is an official partner of AnyLogic for licensing, consulting and training.

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Allows modeling systems of any complexity with any level of detail, monitors interrelationships of all elements of the system, and effectively manages risks.

  • Quick test of any changes without experiments on real assets
  • Customizing the model for the company's business processes: you obtain accurate data
  • Effective Risk Management
  • 2D and 3D visualization
  • Tracking links between processes that are seemingly independent at first glance


  1. Logistics and Supply Chain

  2. Warehouse and production

  3. Marketing and Sales

  4. Strategic planning

  5. Optimization of business processes

  6. Asset Management


  1. Integration with 1C, SAP, Oracle, Excel

  2. Working with GIS maps

  3. Visualization of business processes

  4. Export any data

  5. Absence of risks

  6. Savings on investment in assets

BI analytics

BI analytics (Business intelligence) are computer methods and tools that translate transactional business information into an understandable form suitable for business analysis, as well as tools for mass work with such processed information.

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BI means collecting information using RPA-systems from various sources: websites, news resources, social networks.

  • Data output is carried out in the required form, for example:
  • daily report in Excel sent to email
  • unloading in Power BI
  • real-time streaming in Google BigQuery
  • data entry in 1C
  • any other options


  1. Workflow optimization

  2. Leveling routine activities

  3. 24-hour data collection

  4. Instant reaction to events


  1. Experience of blocking sites‘ bypass

  2. Possibility of providing information in the personal account

  3. Ability to configure the collection of information on a schedule


  1. Retail

  2. Air / rail / trucking

  3. Online Marketing

  4. Mass media

  5. Pharmaceuticals

  6. Financial industry

NFP team

Key managers

Sergey Lozhkin

Managing partner

General management of the company

Pavel Britvin
Supervises the following:
Consulting services. Operational efficiency.
Industries: construction, distribution, mining industry

Mikhail Kuznetsov
Supervises the following:
Methodology and business automation on the basis of SAP
Industries: oil and gas sector, agribusiness, machine building

Vladimir Gavrilov
Senior manager
Supervises the following:
Statement of account (RAS and IFRS), CU
Industries: FMCG, distribution, investments

Alexey Ilyin
Senior manager
Supervises the following:
Services for financial institutions

Anna Shveykina
Head of outsourcing
Supervises the following:
Outsourcing of accounting and tax accounting
Outsourcing of personnel records
Outsourcing of CFO

Denis Andreev
Supervises the following:
Methodology and business automation based on 1C: Holding management

Maxim Yatskevich
Senior consultant
Supervises the following:
Robotic Process Automation
Information Security

Olga Lapshina
Senior consultant
Supervises the following:
Accounting and tax accounting methodology, management accounting, IFRS

Sergey Skarbun
Senior consultant
Supervises the following:
School of Practical Skills NFP

NFP clients


Phone: +7-499-705-24-93


Address: Komsomolskiy prospekt, d. 42, str. 1

119048, Moscow, Russia